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Taking Back Control of Government

It is high time that the Citizenry of the United States has an official voice in the governing of this magnificent nation.  Everyone who still gives a damn is keenly aware of the fact that their “representatives” have absolutely no credible way to know what opinion they are to represent.
Thus, they represent only their own individual view, which is further skewed by the affiliations and financing they’ve required to get where they are.  They haven’t a clue what we want most of the time and even when they do, they most often ignore it – in direct violation of our right to representation.  The result is that 320 million people are at the mercy of just 535 individuals who have reached such an equilibrium of power that virtually nothing is being accomplished.
They all keep referring to “the latest poll” in their favor.

I’m 63 years old and I’ve NEVER been polled concerning my opinion of a Presidential Candidate or ANY piece of legislation; I wonder what a show of hands from everyone would reveal. I’m betting very few.

I listen to politicians, including the President himself with utter amazement. Are they really so obtuse that they haven’t realized they could know what we want – in an instant! Or is that they believe that they know better than we what is good for us? Either way, it doesn’t sound like representation to me.

The President, should author but one piece of legislation – a law that allows popular concensus of registered voters, of an agreed upon magnitude, to overrule both Executive and Congressional decisions. If we can vote for the Next American Idol, we can vote to do whatever the overwhelming majority of us agree to do.

President Trump can commission a task force to design and create a safe, private and secure website that will among many things, record public opinion on all issues from local to international. The site will be replete with reviews, commentaries, statistics and a wealth of research resources to assist everyone in educating themselves on the issues.

The site will also include a legislation development module where common citizens can design, propose and seek majority agreement on legislation that President Trump will commit to presenting to Congress, as OUR legislative representative. Electorate Legislation would be a reality!

It seems ridiculously easy to me to ascertain and execute the will of the people. Legislatively, as President, that’s what President Trump would do for America – give it back its voice and power in the process. All policy opportunities will be presented by him to the Electorate for preference indication. He’ll pledge to make it the way you want it.

Opponents will more eloquently describe us as spoiled children – they will expect an electorate gone wild seeking legislative affirmations of their wildest dreams, oblivious to the future ramifications of their actions. In essence, they are going to call us stupid. They will say that we are incapable of governing ourselves. Don’t make this the only time they are right.
Vote for the will of the American people. It doesn’t get any simpler or more settled than a majority of mouse clicks. Can’t you just imagine the alarm in the hearts of those who know we disapprove of them?

Merely protesting will have no effect until we can prove to the government that a majority seeks reprieve from the bonds of the few and are willing to make a statement that is authoritative and cannot be ignored. Only when the people have the power to derail government from a track that ends abruptly at a cliff no one wants to run off.

America is facing it’s moment of truth, so far with a lot of lies, subterfuge, propaganda and plans based on suspicious numbers and no sense of the will of the people. Consensus cannot be attained until a large enough sample of the electorate is officially and securely polled. I’m betting that common Americans are innovative. Government surely is not. I believe Americans have common sense and that government does not. I think Americans are willing to sacrifice what ever is necessary now to secure a decent world for their children. Government is not.

During debates in Congress, citizens will be able to express their like or dislike of all proceedings in real time to let the representatives know instantly what you think of their words. If anyone strays too far, too often, you’ll have the opportunity to quickly and officially reverse any decisions made by overwhelming popular consent.

Electorate Legislation must become a reality in a world where plurality has replaced majority rule. It’s seems no matter what happens, most people are displeased and have no hard statistics to officially challenge the direction taken by those who think they are smarter than us. Politicians may know how to work within THEIR system, but their system is not working for us.
It’s not important what any one individual or special interest group thinks should be done.

What’s important is to know what the American people want and then to do it.
This country was built with the blood, sweat and tears of folks just like you and I. We allowed ourselves, myself included, to believe that government would take care of us. They haven’t. They’ve nearly ruined us. They lulled us to sleep by making it easy to pretend we were achieving the “American Dream” for many decades. I’ve woken up with a ghastly realization that the American Dream was also a nightmare. If you disagree, you’re not paying attention. You have to have the courage to educate yourself. You must become brave enough to vote your informed opinion on all matters of import. Finally, you must be free to do so – every minute of every day, if you so desire.

Elected officials have no business imposing their personal beliefs on hundreds, thousands, even hundreds of millions of people. Your lives – all 320 million of you are being controlled by just 535 individuals as well as a very small minority who are bankrolling the whole thing. Ignore me and take your chances with the current broken system, or take back control of the country by showing the world that our citizenry is engaged enough in the future of their children to hold accountable and change immediately, if necessary those individuals who we hire to run this unique and sizeable collection of freedom-loving human beings.

Folks, our freedoms have been abridged and the future looks even worse, if we continue to let them have their ways. Let’s fix this together and make America a respectable global participant who seeks prosperity, peace and freedom for all who will embrace it.