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Why Do Humans Participate in Wars?

This question was asked by Samantha.

For the grunts on the ground, the reasons are but two:

  1. A sense of duty, fueled by the need to protect loved ones from a perceived threat as well as a need for revenge once a few battles are lost.
  2. Orders.

For those who give the orders, the reasons are almost endless, but, again, fall into just two categories:

  1. Defense
  2. Aggression

Either they want to take something or keep someone from taking what is theirs.

War primarily violates two of the 10 Commandments Moses came up with:

  1. Don’t steal.
  2. Don’t kill.

Violating these two commandments creates an environment which makes it easy to break the other eight as well.   War exists to show us how good peace is.  God is perfectly balanced, both infinitely good and infinitely bad at the same time.  Want proof?  Observe God’s children.  Our genes and resultant thoughts were engineered by God to maintain this balance.  Some of us are good.  Some of us are evil.

Aggressors are generally thought to be evil.  Usually, they are.  Sometimes, they are just trying to get the resources they need to survive.  The really nasty part about war is that once in the midst of a prolonged campaign, it is difficult to say which side is the aggressor.

War is basically a tantrum  typically characterized by stubbornness, crying, screaming, yelling, shrieking, defiance, angry ranting, a resistance to attempts at pacification and lots of violence and killing. It is human beings at their most selfish – willing to kill their brothers and sisters for what they want.

Whether you want war or peace, you must be willing to kill those who don’t.

But don’t worry. No one is going to Hell. It doesn’t exist. God would never send His children to such a place. Indeed, he’d only be sending Himself as each and every human is God incarnate. Don’t be surprised to meet Hitler after you die. He provided God a lot of really intense experience as tactile human beings, not to mention all the inanimate God-stuff that got blown to smithereens. When God first experienced instant vaporization in Hiroshima, it gave a whole new perspective to how His particles can be torn asunder at an atomic level.

War is because God needs it. God wants to experience Creation in every possible way. God created us to specifically accomplish that goal.  Humans participate because we were made that way: in our Creator’s image, each of us a facet of God, doing what we do in unique ways, providing God with yet another viewpoint of Creation.  Pick a side and enjoy the ride!