Commitment is simply an agreement to accept come what may. Humankind’s eternal fantasy of eternal relationship bliss is just that – an illusion that only happens when people tell stories or write books. Everyone has undesirable traits and behaviors. Commitment means that you accept those instead of believing that someone else out there doesn’t have any and all you have to do is find them.

If you’re looking for the “perfect” mate, the only way you will find them is to befriend someone who is skillfully adept at hiding their undesirable habits, thoughts and feelings. Stay with that person long enough and you will soon discover them. Many people expect life to be ideal, for others to think and do as they themselves think and do, in all things at all times. It’s a fairy tale you tell yourself. Just remember, in other peoples’ eyes, you are never “perfect” either.

So, if you want me to stick with you, even when you are being a jerk, an asshole or just plain lazy, stupid or disagreeable, then you must commit to sticking with me when I seem that way to you. Switching up doesn’t improve things, it just gives you a different collection of shit to put up with.

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