How to Keep Others Happy and Comfortable

In my previous post in Spirituality, I revealed seven ways to behave that will promote comfort in other human beings.  Today, I will talk about the original 10 Commandments as reported by Moses and their relevance in light of the Truth: Everything is God.  I’ll show you why seven of the 10 Commandments are not entirely accurate and which three are most vital in assuring the comfort and happiness of other incarnations of God.


  1. The first commandment Moses gave the people was:  Do not worship any other gods.  This one is entirely unnecessary, because it is impossible to do.  There are no other gods to worship!  One might choose to worship money, but money is not a god.  One might choose to worship “the devil” (Satan), but not only is the devil not a god, the devil does not exist.  Nothing exists that is not God.
  2. Do not make any idols?  That practice ended for the most part when human beings realized it was a fruitless endeavor.  Inanimate objects, while being wholly comprised of God, do not contain actionable God matter.  In other words, expecting anything or anybody else to enrich your life, make you happy and more comfortable is not going to be successful.  That’s why most everyone stopped doing this centuries ago.
  3. Do not misuse (take in vain) the name of God.  Sticks and stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt.  God is a little tougher than a six-year-old.  Besides, when you speak to or think about (pray to) God, you are merely talking to yourself.  After all, you ARE God.  If you ask God to damn someone or something, that cannot happen, because there is no Hell.  To God, this is nonsense and entirely inconsequential to God’s mission in the Universe.
  4. Keep the Sabbath holy. This one never made any sense.  Why only one day out of seven?  If you wish to be “holy” – and what does THAT mean? – why would you only do it one day a week? Suppose you found yourself on Jupiter where a day is less than 10 hours long. When would the Sabbath be?  If you choose to be holy, then be holy every minute of every day, no matter where in the Universe you happen to find yourself.
  5. Honor your Mother and Father.  Suppose your Mother is a crack whore and your Father is completely unknown. To honor them would be unnatural and a bit loony.  You are here because God put you here to be Him for a while.  Of course you have a Mother and Father, but they were God, too.  Skip the middle man and honor God, if you feel the need to honor someone.  God doesn’t care who you honor, if anyone.  God requires that many people NOT honor Him. It is necessary to maintain the balance of good and evil that ensures the most comprehensive tactile experience for God.
  6. Do not murder (kill). This one is a keeper, even though God requires killing in order to ensure the most comprehensive tactile experience.  Indeed, God has killed and does kill people daily via natural disasters.  God designed the forces of nature to facilitate this necessity.   if you succeed in killing people, it is because God wanted it done.  Otherwise, you would have failed.  After all, God wiped out the entire world on numerous occasions. Sometimes, as God, we try to do the same thing. But, it IS very uncomfortable to be killed.  Most people are not happy to “die”.  Even though we never cease to exist, these bodies do die and it usually is not a pleasant time for the individual soul.  Especially if that soul believes in heaven and hell.  So, if you want to keep people comfortable and happy, don’t kill them.
  7. Do not commit adultery. God doesn’t care who you screw or why. This one was thrown in by selfish spouses who do not believe that God doesn’t care.  God REQUIRES adultery to ensure the most comprehensive tactile experience. To us, in our individual incarnation of God, this seems important in a moral sense.  But as already discussed, God is amoral.  God is certainly not going to lose sleep over soap opera drama.
  8. Do not steal.  This commandment assumes that the concept of ownership is valid.  Physical property cannot be owned.  It can be used for as long as your body lives, but it is owned by God, because it IS God.  God gave Himself the Universe. Everything IS God and belongs to Him.  Is it possible for your right hand to steal the blood from your left hand?  Of course not. Blood belongs to the whole body.  Everything belongs to everyone, because everyone is the same solitary owner: God.  However, human beings were designed to be selfish and react negatively when they “lose” things.  It makes them uncomfortable and unhappy.  While it is necessary for God to experience all manner of behavior, your particular incarnation of God may elect to preserve the comfort and happiness of those around you, if you find that it makes you comfortable and happy.  So, we’ll keep this one as well. Try to give instead of take, it´s much better to make others feel great. Like to give an elektroroller kaufen,
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  9. Do not lie (bear false witness against thy neighbor).  Ever wonder why we have the ability to lie?  Why did God make us this way?  By now, the reason should be obvious to you.  God REQUIRES lying in order to ensure the most comprehensive tactile experience.  Lies serve to illuminate the Truth.  Without contrast, the Truth could not be verified.  But once again, lying often makes people uncomfortable and unhappy which in turn can make YOU unhappy and uncomfortable.  This is our third keeper.
  10. Do not covet.  That’s like saying “I wish my feet belonged to me.”  Well, they DO belong to you. Everything belongs to you. You are God and everything IS God.  Coveting is merely the precursor to stealing, which we have already examined.  This one is unnecessary.

As a result, there are just three things you must endeavor to not do in order to keep other people and yourself happy and comfortable:

  1. Don’t kill.
  2. Don’t steal.
  3. Don’t lie.



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