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Is Privacy Necessary?

Why do humans wish for privacy?  Is it because they want to be able to control what the rest of the world knows about them?  Is it because that the things they do in private would not be approved of by others?  Is it because who they truly are is so different from what they otherwise seem to be?  Is it because they are ashamed of who they are in private?  Or is it that they just get tired of being around other people?

We complain that the government is not “transparent” enough.  We want it to be more transparent.  If something is transparent, it cannot be more transparent.  That’s like saying that an ocean needs to be wetter, or that a harder diamond is more desirable.  Aside from the semantics, asking the government, a business or even another individual to be more transparent is a bit hypocritical when all we want as individuals is more privacy.

When someone answers our query with “That is a private matter.”, does it not suggest that the true information could be used against them in some way?  Does it not suggest that the information we seek is of at least a mitigating nature, if not offensive or downright criminal?

What would happen if somehow every minute of everyone’s lives were freely available for review by any and all?  Suppose we could know instantly whenever someone stole, lied or killed. Suppose everyone’s sexual habits and medical histories were public knowledge.  Suppose that everyone could know what you do – or don’t do – when you are alone.  Suppose every word you uttered, texted or typed was available for all to hear and see.  What would happen?

Would we behave more decently, or, given the fact that everyone was exposed, realize that no one has a monopoly on decency?  People who hide their own indecencies seem to take great pleasure in judging those whose indecencies are exposed. Why do humans presume they have the right to judge those who act indecently, but who have not yet been so unfortunate as to have their own indecencies exposed?

We are all indecent.  Deny it all you want, but you know all about you.  You know you have been less than a model citizen on countless occasions. Have you ever shamed someone for doing something that you yourself have done? If you say no, you’re lying.  And you know that, too.  Perhaps you haven’t done what they did, but you’ve done many things you don’t want anyone else to know about.

Privacy is a concept invented to hide the despicable characters we all possess.  Privacy obscures the truth.  It allows us to hide who we really are.  We don’t want people to know when we betray them or speak ill of them.  We don’t want people to know that we continually perform good deeds in an attempt to counterbalance the evil deeds we perform in private.  We don’t want people to know that we are afraid they will discover the whole truth about ourselves.

Privacy is evil.  It is the opposite of the Truth.  It allows us to continue to be despicable without redress.  Privacy is necessary if you want to continue living in a world where no one admits who they really are.  The lack of full disclosure is necessary to facilitate extramarital affairs, physical and emotional abuse, selfishness, substance abuse, irresponsibility, laziness and every other despicable behavioral trait common to all humans.

Privacy is necessary for the evil in us to flourish.  Evil is necessary to assure that God has as complete a tactile experience in this universe as possible.  Privacy is necessary to the evolution of Mankind.  It allows us to fool the world into thinking we are all much better than we truly are.  It perpetuates the illusion of innocence and righteousness.  It gives us a false credibility we use to judge others.

Privacy is necessary to make fools of ourselves.